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The Furniture Making Program at FIM is dedicated to excellence in the art of classical woodworking techniques. Functional contemporary furniture design and construction are also explored in a creative environment based on each student's vision and individual portfolio devolopment. The intent is to prepare participants for a career in furniture making and related fields. Mastering machine skills as well as hand tools not only ensures high quality workmanship but also provides the experience and knowledge necessary for success in woodworking trades. A thorough study of classical furniture will establish a foundation that will allow for growth and expansion for years to come. We have a program designed to teach the traditional woodworking techniques that have for centuries proven successful in building the worlds masterpieces. The Fulltime Program has a small class student teacher ratio that allows students to excell in the art of woodworking.

The new year is just around the corner and there are many exciting projects in the works. The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts builds a great foundation in fundamental woodworking skills and practices. We also continue our efforts to cultivate a network of resources that bring people together who have similar goals in the exploration of this trade. Whether as a means of preserving the art or mastering advanced techniques FIM is a learning environment dedicated to "Training Tomorrows Craftsperson".

We are proud to announce that Philip C. Lowe was the 2005 recipient of the Cartouche Award. This honor is bestowed by the Society of American Period Furniture Makers to a Master Craftsman in recognition  of contibutions to the fields of education,  professional ablity or conservation of historical objects. Also Phil was chosen in 2010 for the "Artsianship Award" given by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art.

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