General Info

The Part-Time Furniture Making Program at FIM is dedicated to excellence in the art of classical and functional contemporary furniture making. The intent is to allow those who are serious at heart to participate in furniture making without the time commitments of the full-time program. Learning machine skills as well as hand tools not only ensures the existence of high quality workmanship but also provides the foundation necessary for success in more advanced projects. A study of classical furniture will allow the student to engage in the design of furniture suited for the lifestyles and components of today, and for years to come.


Points of Interest
To the South are the city of Salem and the town of Marblehead. Salem, known for the “Witch Hysteria”, is also an architectural jewel with three centuries of public and private homes open to those interested in Early American Decorative Arts. It is the home of the world renowned “Peabody Essex Museum”. Likewise, Marblehead has beautiful period homes. It is also a well known yachting community. Marblehead’s race week always provides an eye full of beautiful colored spinnakers and one design boats. Both places have great dining and plenty of antique shops.

FriendshipWinterIslandTo the North are the towns of Manchester by the Sea, Gloucester and Rockport. All three are known for their harbors and shopping experiences. Gloucester, a fishing town, supplies the area with seafood and maintains a working art colony. Granite is what put Rockport on the map. Once, Rockport supplied the area with material for foundations, wharves and buildings. The quarries now lay silent but are a reminder of days gone by. Rockport’s Bearskin Neck has great shopping and is the home of Motif #1, the most painted building in the United States.

The Pictures on the left display “The Friendship” passing Winter Island Light as it leaves Salem Harbor. The Friendship is a replica of a ship that sailed to China in the 18th century and is docked at Derby Wharve located in Salem, Massachusetts.