Laminating, Bending & Veneering

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July 16 ~ 20 Monday ~ Friday 9:00 AM ~ 5:00PM
Instructor : John Cameron
Level: Biginner / Intermediate
Tuition: $785.00 Plus Materials

Learn to create stable, precise curves by laminating stacks of thin wood - often without visible glue lines.
Increase your control and decrease wood loss by finely tuning a bandsaw.
Use that bandsaw to cut sheets of veneer thin enough to be stable on substrate but thick enough to be worked with hand tools.
This five day class  will focus on the techniques necessary for fine curved work - making accurate forms; finetuning machinery; milling suitable stock and glue up and assembly strategies.We will also discuss and explore steam bending, hot pipe bending, coopering and brick laid construction.A day will be spent on the sawing, joining and laying of shop made veneer
A small cabinet that incorporates many of these techniques can be made in the class.
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