Turnings with Carvings for Furniture

Turning Carving
August 6 ~ 10, 2018 Monday ~ Friday 9:00 AM ~ 5:00PM
Instructor: Phil Lowe
Level: Intermediate
Tuition: $785.00

A vast majority of furniture parts will incorporate turned elements either done as spindle or faceplate turning. This class will take you a step beyond the simple turning process by adding elements of carving to both spindle and faceplate turned objects such as table columns and beds posts as well as piecrust edges. Learn how to turn, layout and carve elements such as acanthus leaves, laurel leaves, beads, spirals, reeding and fluting. You will learn the geometric layouts to divide the parts into equal spaces to give you the proper spacing to do the carvings of the same size for each element. Index wheels and scribes will be fabricated to aid in the layout of evenly spaced ornaments. This class is a must if you would like to take the next step in ornamenting your next piece of furniture.
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