Beyond Basic Dovetails

Beyond Dovetails

August 13 ~ 17, 2018 Monday ~ Friday 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM
Instructor: Will Neptune
Level: Intermediate
Tuition: $785.00

Once you have learned through and lapped (half-blind) dovetails, there are many other types of dovetails used in building furniture. Cases can also be built using housed tapered (sliding) dovetails, seen in Boston block-fronts and Federal period bureaus. The dividers that frame drawer openings can be dovetailed to the case edge in several different ways, depending on the design. Tripod tables have legs dovetailed into the round column turning. Even drawers can be dovetailed in several different ways, each with its own concerns and advantages.

In this class, you will learn these joints by working on a series of mock-ups that will serve as a record of the layout and cutting sequence used for each joint. Demonstrations for each joint will be presented in a series of logical steps with an explanation of the joints typical uses. This class is full of useful information and is a great way to improve your skills with hand tools.  
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