Handtools Only

Handtools Only

Monday ~ Friday (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Instructor ~ Freddy Roman
June 25 ~ 29, 2017 (One Week)
Level: Beginner

Tuition: $785.00 Plus Materials

Discover the secrets of woodworking hand tools. This class is a must for those interested in making the finest woodwork and furniture. Hand tools such as planes, chisels, scrapers and marking gauges only perform well when they are tuned, sharpened and adjusted correctly. Fred will show participants how to achieve all of these tasks and more, so that working with these tools becomes a pleasure instead of a chore. After students have tuned up and sharpened their tools Fred will present the principles of “flat and square” and students will put their tools to work, laying out and cutting mortise and tenon, miter and dovetail joints. This is an excellent class for the novice and the intermediate woodworker.



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