Machine Woodworking


Machine 2

Monday ~ Friday (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Instructor ~ Patrick Farrell
June 18 ~ 22, 2018 (One Week)

Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Tuition: $785.00 Plus Materials 

Machines are a necessary part of woodworking. This class is the perfect class for anyone interested in becoming involved with woodworking. The students will be instructed in the safety and operation of all of the shop machines while building a simple pair of saw horses. The  table saw, chop saw, jointer, planer, band saw, lathe, drill press, mortiser, grinder, and router table are the machines to be covered. This class brings you through the layout and cutting of rough parts, proper milling techniques, ripping, crosscutting, bevel cutting, mortising, setup and cutting dados, and router table techniques. This is a great class for anyone using or wanting to use machines.



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