Measuring Furniture for Reproduction


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Creating plans for superior results

This is really an overview of measuring and building a Queen Anne Chair Reproducing a piece of furniture can be a challenge when you don’t have a set of plans. In this video, Phil Lowe shows you how to take measurements off an existing piece, create a set of plans, and then reproduce the piece in the workshop. You’ll learn how to make simple aids to take measurements without damaging the furniture and how to use these measurements to make a set of full-size plans. You’ll see how to:

• make freehand sketches
• use story sticks to find dimensions
• scribe profiles of curved parts
• measure and analyze hidden joinery
• make templates from your drawings
• use templates to rough-out parts



Carve a Ball and Claw Foot with Phil Lowe


Now Available IN DVD

Making a hallmark of 18th-century furniture

The ball-and-claw foot, combined with the cabriole leg, is a hallmark of 18th-century furniture. Here, Phil Lowe shows you how to design and carve the version made popular in Colonial Philadelphia.

You will learn about:

•The history of the cabriole leg
• making leg-profile patterns
• refining the shapes with spokeshaves, rasps and files
• laying out the ball and claw on the foot of the blank
• rough-carving with straight and spoon gouges
• sharpening carving tools
• rounding out the legs scraping and varnishing



Build a Queen Anne Lowboy

Lowboy 3D1 copy

$19.95 Plus Shipping

See how master craftsman Philip C. Lowe builds a Queen Anne Lowboy.This Fine Woodworking Workshop video is the ideal project for advancing your skills as you build a beautiful period piece. You’ll learn classic case construction techniques and gain a deeper understanding of traditional techniques along the way.  

For intermediate woodworkers who want to grow as craftsmen. Although this project isn’t overly big or complex, it serves as a satisfying, high-level test of many skills. This Queen Anne Lowboy provides the opportunity to put into practice a range of classic techniques for crafting:

  • Mortise-and-tenoned case work
  • Signature cabriole legs
  • Standard & sliding dovetail joinery
  • Hand-shaped edge profile
  • Drop finials
  • Period fan carving
  • Dovetailed drawers
  • Traditional 18th-century surface prep and finish

A graceful period project to showcase your advanced skills. This Queen Anne Lowboy is the perfect project for polishing your skills and mastering classic techniques. And the result of your work is a beautiful piece with the potential of becoming a cherished heirloom. 

Your instructor comes with serious credentials. Philip C. Lowe has long been associated with Fine Woodworking, authoring many articles and serving as a contributing editor. An instructor at Boston’s North Bennet Street School from 1975 - 1985, he is now owner and director of The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts.




Build a Basic Workbench With Built in Storage

basic bench

$ 19.95 Plus Shipping

Basic Workbench with Built-In Storage #19 DVD. Philip C. Lowe

Period Furniture Master, Philip C. Lowe, shows you how to build a signature workbench which he has used for 40 years. Its smaller dimensions enable you to reach all four sides of your workpiece. Philip C. Lowe has designed this bench with ample storage underneath. This a solid, practical workbench designed to last.

This DVD also includes a SketchUp Plan for this project.

Basic Workbench with Built-In Storage #19 DVD covers a variety of skills. As you build your version of Philip Lowe's workbench, you will expand your know-how on these topics :

  • Joinery preparation
  • Mortise-and-tenon joinery
  • Sliding dovetails
  • Dry-Gluing up the base
  • Benchtop construction
  • Dovetailed drawers
  • Door and bench dogs

Skill Level: Intermediate

ISBN 978-1-62710-057-1

DVD 80 minutes


Bookcase with Bracket Feet



$29.95 Plus Shipping

Learn along with Philip C. Lowe as he crafts this classic. Our video workshop DVD series was developed to demonstrate important woodworking techniques while building a specific project – such as this elegant bookcase. In this 40-minute video geared for intermediate and advanced woodworkers, the award-winning teacher Philip C. Lowe shares his vast experience with you.

Build it yourself and build your skills. You’ll gain experience and confidence as you watch a pro construct a sturdy case and face frames, cut curves with a bandsaw, edge plywood, shape moldings, glue up, and add masterful finishing touches. Plus you will learn how to customize your bookcase with either flat or ogee bracket feet.

Includes a PDF plan and covers the following topics:

  • Laying Out and Cutting the Parts
  • Dadoes and Rabbets
  • Beginning the Assembly
  • Making a Flat Bracket Base
  • Attaching Moldings
  • Finishing the Case
  • Ogee Bracket Feet, Part 1 & 2
  • Finishing Options

One Bookcase, Two Bases with Philip C. Lowe

Join award-winning woodworker and teacher Philip C. Lowe in this video workshop, building a bookcase with adjustable shelves. You'll get two options for the base. The basic case has a flat-bracket base, with simple curves cut on the bandsaw. Or, you can substitute an ogee bracket foot.

  • Type DVD with plan
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-377-7
  • Length 43 minutes
  • Published Date 2010

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